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Update for April 13, 2021. We've updated all of our AU's to include better support for saving and sharing presets on macOS. The preset share button will now open a file saving dialog on macOS that will let you export the preset from tha app sandbox. As always, to import a preset into the AU, you can drag-and-drop the preset file onto the table of presets in the preset pane. Additional bug fixes have been implemented for the AU's on both macOS and iOS. These primarily have to do with host-AU interactions around preset handling.

April 27, 2021. Updates for LRC7, LRC5, and xTrem

LRC7 has had some significant updates to improve overall usability and support for use on low sample rate tracks.

LRC5 has been updated to support use on low sample rate tracks.

NeSi xTrem has been updated to use four times oversampling to enhance the LPG filters and the overall smoothness of the FM LFO's.

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