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Welcome to Neon Silicon

All of our audio units have been updated for iOS and iPadOS 14. The updates should be available on the iOS App Store soon. There is currently an issue with state saving in iOS 14. This impacts all of our AU's. When a new preset is selected or the AU host loads a document with saved state, the audio units' state will not be updated. We have implemented a change to the way our AU's store their state to work around this issue and enable us to have more flexibility in the future.

The changes we have made to the AU's will allow them to work correctly for any new presets or documents that are created. When the issue is resolved in iOS 14, older presets and documents should work correctly again with the changes we have made.

If you are interested in testing the changes to our AU's, we have LRC5 in public beta now. It is available through TestFlight at this link. We haven't seen any issues with the beta at this point, but it is beta software, so it may break things.

We have four AudioUnits available for iOS. Check them out on our software page.

See PhaseDelayArray See GyroVibe See LRC5 See CuSnP

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